Aston Martin DB6

Kasa Tipi Coupé
Vites manuel
Kilometre 97500 km
Yıl 1967
VAT / Margin 2

İthalat & İhracat

ABD'den satın alınan arabalara yardımcı olabilir ve nakliye ayarlayabiliriz. Gerekli tüm evraklarla ilgileneceğiz. Daha fazla bilgi için lütfen bizimle iletişime geçin.

Does this not look good? This matching numbers Aston Martin DB6 is more so remarkable by virtue of its brilliant colour selection and wonderful condition. This fully restored example was originally supplied to the States on the 17th February 1967. The first owner was quite astute in his choice, going for the 3.73:1 limited slip diff, normalair air-conditioning, chrome wire wheels and safety belts. As the Aston Martin DB5’s s successor the DB6 was given a longer wheelbase. The main reason for this was to enlarge the cabin space. The higher roof line, modified rear windows and the rear “Kamm-tail” with integrated spoiler distinguished the DB6 from its predecessor. Surprisingly the modifications to front and rear only added 5 cm in length compared to the DB5.

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