Alvis Speed 20 Open Tourer

Kasa Tipi Cabrio
Vites auto
Kilometre 3747 km
Yıl 1935
VAT / Margin 2

İthalat & İhracat

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This unique and special 1935 Alvis Speed 20 “Tourer” was re-bodied some 30-40 years ago to the specification of the then owner. It started out in life as an Alvis Speed 20 Sports Saloon, which for the basis of the current bodywork. The modification encompasses a partial re-body. Up to front windscreen the original shape of the Sports Saloon has been retained. Following the owners’ personal brief, from the windscreen back the car was transformed into an “Open Tourer”. The work has been carried out to an exacting standard and the final result of this partial re-body is fantastic. The perfect proportions give us a fine sporty élan. The car has retained its famous original and respected manual, 6-cylinder “SD” engine. The 6-cylinder elevates driving this car to a pure joyous sporty occasion. A well-recognised specialist was responsible for the sound complete mechanical rebuild ensuring that everything is “up-to-date” and delivers a perfect trouble-free ride. This is an ideal car for the classic events or rallies. A unique and particularly lovely Alvis Speed 20 Open Tourer!

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