Alvis Silver Eagle

Kasa Tipi Cabriolet
Vites manuel
Kilometre 5642 km
Yıl 1934
VAT / Margin 2

İthalat & İhracat

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We do not often come across a 1934 Alvis Silver Eagle. The car has the bodywork inspired by an open top tourer. It comes with a complete maintenance history dating back to 1987 and we would be hard put to say anything other than that it looks truly marvellous.

Naturally a car this old has been fully restored and what a remarkable job this was. The car was meticulously restored and excellently maintained ever since. On inspecting both the bodywork and chassis there is no other conclusion possible than to pass it A-1. The chassis has been colour-coded and all the add-on parts such as the suspension, prop shafts and differential are all in good shape. The bodywork looks splendid. On the left hand side there are two small doors for ease of access. The doors shut properly and the heavy duty hood is in good condition. The car has wire spoke wheels with both the wheels and the tyres in good condition. The chrome grill is also in good condition. The front mounted “badgebar” features several momentums of the fine events this car participated in. The beautifully formed interior is, as is want with pre-war cars, rather spartan. Surrounded by lovely black leather you take place in sportively fashion seats. The carpets are good and the dashboard is a feast for your eyes with its beautifully formed gauges mounted on a gorgeous aluminium background. One peculiarity is the placement of the accelerator in the middle and the brake pedal where you would normally expect to find the accelerator. It takes some getting to used to but adds in no small way to this lovely Alvis’s unique driving experience.

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